LivEye Facial Recognition System Patent Pending

Currently under development - next-generation facial recognition system developed by a Spartan.

REFUGE Emergency Management System Patent Pending

We are working to provide a free solution to the public to address the terrible recent events.  REFUGE will work seamlessly with the mobile devices to get individuals out of a venue and provide accountability to law enforcement. 

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Biometric Asset Management System (BAMS) Patent Pending

The Next Generation of Human Asset Condition Reporting.

BAMS is focused on providing real-time information on critical assets in the field.  The initial market is first responders and military personnel.  The system is able to provide comprehensive biometric information for all assets in a theater, and allows for full integration with existing intelligence data streams.  BAMS provides a level of command and control never realized before.

Blockchain Management System Patent Pending

Blockchain is a current break-out technology and Spartan is developing an integrated system to maintain aircraft and flight crew status.  We are taking the engine of crypto currency and applying it to the needs of our federal customers.